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A Visit with the Other Child

I went to visit her. 
That other, long-forgotten child.
I was nervous, apprehensive. Even reluctant.
How would she react? Would she recognize me? Relate to me? Or Retreat from me?
Was she even there at all? After all these years of quietly waiting, suppressed and ignored?
She is so little, so fragile, so vulnerable. 
I mustn’t frighten her away.

I quietly approach. Tiptoeing.
I peek behind the closed doors.
Ever so softly call her name.
I hold my breath.

And suddenly, in a flash of sunlight
Pudgy feet flying across the grass
Childish curls bouncing in the wind
Covering those soft, rosy cheeks
Her arms are outstretched
She’s running
Towards me!
I swallow hard.
Close my eyes.
Brace myself.

She has leapt straight into my arms.
She is mine.
She is me.
and our tears mingle freely…

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