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ELUL 5767

Inhale deeply.
Fill your lungs with the crisp clean air. 
Hold it in, and allow your entire being to feel E-l-u-l.
The sky is bluer than blue. 
The sunshine that’s not as warm as yesterday.

The wind that’s rustling in the trees- reminding the leaves: Don’t stand in one place- keep moving. And the heavy branches of the pine tree nod in agreement and echo “keep moving”, “keep moving”.

Move ahead. Move forward. Move up.
Open that new calendar.
Turn to a fresh page.
Push open that door into new opportunities.

Ah…. Elul!
Such a perfect month to come after the heat and lethargy of summer.

Elul stirs something in the very depths of our soul. The simple sound of the shofar is like a shot of energy to jump into action- positive, constructive action.

Elul- the gateway to Rosh Hashana, leading us serenely, solemnly, to a wonderful new year of new beginnings and successful continuations.

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