Your Beautiful Tomorrow helps smart, ambitious women delve into their souls, discover their purpose and make real changes in their life. And together, we make tomorrow so much more beautiful than today.
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``One must see to it that tomorrow be more beautiful than today.``

(Rabbi Y.Y. Shneerson, Hayom Yom)

Hi There!

I am Aidy.

I’m a woman who has been right where you are.

As a teacher, writer, international speaker, wife and mother, I know that life can get overwhelming sometimes. Yes, we may look like we’ve got it all figured out, but underneath, we’re looking for more (and I don’t mean just another few hours of sleep)!

I want you to know that there IS more! And you can have it! I believe that when a woman lives in harmony with her soul, when she is aware of her purpose in life, she can change the world. And that is what I have set out to do. I help smart, ambitious women delve into their souls, discover their purpose and make real changes in their life. And together, we make tomorrow so much more beautiful than today.

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If you know you are ready to start actively creating your circumstances and the life you desire, I invite you to act now and work with me.
Your Better Tomorrow offers the following 7 coaching packages:

  1. Bridal package
  2. New Mom package
  3. Birthday package
  4. Bat Mitzva package
  5. Serene Marriage package
  6. Peaceful Home package
  7. Better-You package

How Can We Work Together?


Want results? Work with me privately to get step by step guidance in achieving your goals in all areas of your life.

Speaking Engagements

Looking to amaze and inspire your crowd? Your audience will walk away empowered and ready to take action.


Want to study more in depth without getting up from the couch? Coming in September: a menu full of curated courses for the aspiring woman.

If we don’t work on our goals, our goals are not going to work for us.

Think for Myself

I realized that what's amazing about life coaching, is the fact that you don't advise me what to do, but just help me think for myself - what I need to do, what I want to do.. and that's really cool! Thank you so much!


Just want to thank you so much for supporting me in making my own decision cuz the truth is I know what I really want and I'm so happy that I did it!

Lasting change

It's not the first time that I've tried to make positive changes in my life, but this time I'm really confident that it will last, because it's the first time that Im trying it with real SUPPORT! The accountability and encouragement you provide make all the difference!

Why Aidy

She's so easy to talk to because she is kind, patient, modest, confidential, non judgmental, and never gives you the feeling of "higher than thou". She totally accepts and understands you, and at the same time, helps you move forward to a better place.

Speaking Engagement

Aidy spoke at our Shul and the women loved her. Her talk was so full of content and the beauty of the mizva of Taharas hamishpacha. It was very well delivered and she went through the history of Tahara according to Torah.

Inspiring Action

One woman said that she hasn't heard a speaker with so much content and so well presented. We did a tour of the mikvah and many women decided they we're interested in furthering this mitzvah.” Mrs. Sara Pewzner, Chabad Shlucha and Rebetzin of St. Petersburg, Russia


Aidy has been a natural life coach way before she became certified, because that's just her innate talent and passion. She has always been the one that women in our community turned to when they needed support, advice, encouragement, or just a listening ear.

Voicing it

It really helps me when I make my commitments out loud to you. And also when I share my little successes with you after! That in itself really helps me keep to it - And it's such a great feeling!!

Living Example

I chose Aidy because she is a true personal living example! She is always working on herself, meeting her own goals, pushing her own limits, and realizing her own potential. She doesn't just know her priorities, but actually lives by them - as an amazing woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, mentor, and friend.